Gourmet menu

64 $


Appetizer / your selection

Terrine de bison Ricaneux

Chouinard bison and Bonneau organic pork terrine with Ricaneux and green pepper. Onion and blueberry confit from Potagers Brie with Faubourg red wine. Mixed salad with herbs and flowers from our garden. Sunflower oil and St-Aubert maple syrup mustard vinaigrette. Crispy Sibuet bread.

Végé-pâté des Glacis

Chef Olivier’s own recipe. Onion and blueberry confit. Mixed salad with herbs and flowers from our garden. Sunflower oil and St-Aubert maple syrup mustard vinaigrette. Crispy Sibuet bread.

Feuilleté de chevreau

L’Islet and St-Jean-Port-Joli kid braised in Nordet white wine and green alder pepper from Spicetrekkers, in a puff pastry. Carrot and squash julienne in butter and garlic flower. Braising stock reduction.

Tomate 4 saisons et chèvre de St-Damien

Peeled tomato stuffed with fresh goat cheese and Appalaches pink oyster mushroom tapenade. Pepper, squash et cucumber brunoise, drizzled with a gazpacho sunflower oil from Pré-Rieur.

Cassolette d’esturgeon à l’eau d’érable

Côte-du-Sud’s sturgeon poached in maple sap, potatoes from Deschênes, and smoked eel from Lauzier. Stock velouté sauce with rosé wine from La cache à Maxime. Buckwheat cookie with sorrel from our garden.

Escalope de foie gras poêlée (+ $12)

Scalloped duck foie gras broiled, deglazed Sacrilège. Fruit purée. Chocolate sauce from Chocolats Favoris. Homemade gingerbread biscuit with dandelion honey.


Main dish / your selection

Assiette de notre Chef-Charcutier : le lapin en deux temps!

Pulled rabbit with tarragon. Homemade rabbit sausage from Durantaye, with maple mustard, Charloise white wine and long redpepper from St-Cyrille. Onion confit and fines herbes flavoured buckwheat grits shortbread.

Filet mignon de boeuf (+ $10) (Rossini version + 22$)

Deschênes scalloped potatoes, seasoned with salted herbs and maple-flavoured smoked P’tit Bronzé. Sautéed swiss chards and kale. Broiled oyster mushrooms from Appalaches. Fortified wine sauce from Domaine Bel-Chas. Our vegetables.

Agneau de St-Jean au thé du Labrador

Round leg of lamb simmered in Labrador tea, served with garlic flower flavoured Goglu beans and a piece of salted pork seasoned with the Chef’s aromatics. Dried tomato polenta. Vegetable drizzled with Trigone hemseed oil.

Proposition tendance du Chef : un plat tout végétalien !

Buckwheat grits and root vegetable vegan cookie. Red pepper, tomato and smoked paprika sauce. Sautéed swiss chards and kale. Vegetables.

Matelote de Clara, la maman du Chef

Sturgeon flambéed in Calvados and in Cidrerie la Pomme du St-Laurent strong cider. Potato gnocchi, with bacon bits and small onions. Our vegetables.

Quenelles lyonnaises au brochet

Pike quenelles. With Nantua inspired sauce: lobster bisque. Our vegetables.

Quenelles lyonnaises à la volaille

Poultry quenelles. With sauce financière: madeira, truffles and morels. Our vegetables.

Quenelles lyonnaises de veau

Veal quenelles. À la provençale sauce: King bolete, sundried tomatoes and olive sauce. Our vegetables.

Dessert / au choix

Secret des Glacis

Dark chocolate and Chic Choc spiced rum iced mousse. Red berries coulis.

Crème brûlée Bonté Divine

With Bonté Divine coffee, seasonal fruits and chocolate tile.

Verrine d’Aurélie – la seconde du Chef

Fresh Port-Joli cattle cheese panna cotta and raspberry purée, covered with sprinkled maple flakes fresh fruits.

Carré meringué

Rhubarb cake with maple sugar meringue, sprinkled with roasted coconut. Caramel and rhubarb sauce.

Tartare fraîcheur

Strawberry and basil, lightly drizzled with Verger de givre ice cider. Homemade sorbet.

Cheddar vieilli de l’Isle-aux-Grues

With walnuts, Sibuet bread and fresh fruits.

 N. B.

  • Please tell us if you have any allergies or intolerances. We can always prepare something different for you and adapt ourselves !