89 $, en forfait 25 $



First appetizer… a duet!

Feuilleté de chevreau et cassolette de poisson à l’eau d’érable

L’Islet and St-Jean-Port-Joli kid braised in Nordet white wine and green alder pepper from Spicetrekkers, in a puff pastry. Carrot and squash julienne in butter and garlic flower. Braising stock reduction.


Côte-du-Sud’s sturgeon poached in maple sap, potatoes from Deschênes, and smoked eel from Lauzier. Stock velouté sauce with rosé wine from La cache à Maxime. Buckwheat cookie with sorrel from our garden

Second appetizer / Your selection

Quenelle lyonnaise (1)

Pike, poultry or veal

Escalope de foie gras poêlée (+ $12)

Scalloped duck foie gras broiled, deglazed Sacrilège. Fruit purée. Chocolate sauce from Chocolats Favoris. Homemade gingerbread biscuit with dandelion honey.

Trou Normand – granité

Main dish / Your selection

Caille royale entière, désossée … tellement savoureuse!

Light organic lean pork stuffing from Bonneau perfumed with Calijo apple brandy. Scalloped potatoes lightly seasoned with salted herbs and maple-flavoured smoked P’tit Bronzé. Charles-Aimé-Robert sauce. Our vegetables

Filet mignon de bœuf charolais (+ $10, Rossini version + 22$)

Deschênes scalloped potatoes, seasonned with salted herbs and maple-flavoured smoked P’tit Bronzé. Sautéed swiss chards and kale. Broiled oyster mushrooms from Appalaches. Fortified wine sauce from Domaine Bel-Chas. Our vegetables.

Dessert… a duet!

Secret and Carré meringué