89 $



First appetizer… a duet!

Terrine de canard bucolique et Duo de la mer

St-Cyrille duck terrine with Ricaneux and green pepper. Red beets and citrus confit. Crisp coslaw salad, with winter pink radish and organic carrots. Vinaigrette made with hempseed and sunflower oils, and cider vinegar. Crispy Sibuet bread.


Côte-du-Sud sturgeon and Atlantic salmon mousse with seaweed from the Bas-du-fleuve. Cold sauce made from shrimp stock and homemade mayonnaise. Sea chiffonnade: leaf lettuce and seaweed drizzled with sunflower oil. Buckwheat biscuit.

Second appetizer / Your selection

Quenelle lyonnaise (1)

Pike, poultry or veal

Escalope de foie gras poêlée (+ $12)

Scalloped duck foie gras broiled, deglazed Sacrilège. Fruit purée. Chocolate sauce from Chocolats Favoris. Homemade gingerbread biscuit with dandelion honey.

Trou Normand – palate cleanser

Main dish / Your selection

Caille royale entière, désossée … tellement savoureuse!

Royal quail with light lean pork stuffing perfumed with from Bonneau, perfumed with Calijo apple brandy. Scalloped potatoes lightly seasonned with salted herbs and maple-flavoured smoked P’tit Bronzé. Charles-Aimé-Robert sauce. Our vegetables

Filet mignon de bœuf charolais (+ $10, Rossini version + 22$)

Deschênes scalloped potatoes, seasonned with salted herbs and maple-flavoured smoked P’tit Bronzé. Glazed vegetables with M. Pelletier clover honey. Fortified wine sauce from Domaine Bel-Chas and long redpepper.

Dessert… a duet!

Crème brûlée and Macaroon